Main Reasons Companies Hire Security Guards

Security services bring immediate and lasting peace of mind, and, indeed, security guards have become an integral feature of a well-run organization. This is truer considering that there’s no substitute for physical assurance that your people, property, workers, and business assets are protected.

Professional security guards deliver a sense of protection by providing a critical skill set in tense and threatening situations. Some security officers are trained and adaptable to offer services tailored to your company’s unique needs by complying with and operating within internal policies and procedures.

That said, if you don’t currently have a security guard for your company and are yet to know why you should have one, this post will walk you through some of the reasons you should hire a security guard.

Business protection and preventing crime

The most significant reason why you need a security guard is to protect your business. Whether armed or not, they patrol the premises, providing a physical deterrent from crime. With the training they receive, professional security guards can also intercept and stop a perpetrator should an assailant attempt inflicting harm within their deployment area.

In businesses where side entrances and emergency exits are left open, officers patrol the premises and stay on alert to ensure unknown persons do not use them to access the facility, especially out of regular hours. This role can never be replaced even by most high-tech security systems.

Fast Security Response

Every second counts when it comes to responding to incidents. Thankfully, security officers provide an immediate real-time resolution to crime and security breaches. Considering that the Houston area has a high crime rate, having a security guard on-site can help gain control over a situation while awaiting emergency teams or police officers to arrive.

Regarding response, security officers are also trained on how to control situations without inflicting harm.

Improve Customer Service

While this might not be the first thing to come to your mind when hiring security services, having onsite security guards can go a long way to ensuring customer satisfaction. Customers, clients, and stakeholders will feel safe and secure while within the business premises. The folks at Enforce Security Services, Inc. (website) make customer service a staple of their business.

Besides their primary duty of safeguarding your property and assets, security guards can also perform other customer-facing duties like welcoming customers, showing them directions, and offering different sorts of help your customers might need. In a nutshell, a well-trained security guard is an asset to your business.

Create a safe business environment

Safety is paramount, and the mere presence of a experienced security officer creates a sense of heightened protection. Their presence translates to an extra pair of eyes looking after your business premises at all times, which ultimately gives you, employees, and customers peace of mind.

Promote a sense of order

Professional Security Guards on DutyIn an effort to protect your property, employees, and assets while ensuring a safe working environment, security guards are always alert and attentive to remedy incidents. They control violations, maintain discipline in the workspace, and ensure rules and regulations are well-adhered to.

During commotions, security officers can help maintain order and intercept disorderly conduct, riots, and possible mob fights. Their presence also makes it hard for members of the public to act in a disorderly manner.

Have someone adept in security matters

Another reason why you would want to hire professional security guards is to have someone on site who is savvy with security issues. Normally, they receive training to make them adept at handling matters related to incidents, including documenting clear reports surrounding the incident and contacting the emergency team when needed.

Security can deal with unpleasant situations that you would feel uncomfortable handling.

Multi functional roles

Other than safeguarding your property and making people feel safe, security guards can perform other duties. For instance, they are trained to respond to emergencies, terrorism incidents, fire outbreaks, among other incidences.

Depending on your industry specifics, you can train your security guards to execute other simple tasks that won’t interfere with their primary duty of guarding your premises,


Safety is important for everyone, and security guards do an excellent job safeguarding your property, employees, and assets. If you are considering hiring security guards in Houston, TX, you will find plenty of companies with a good reputation offering top-notch security services. Before hiring, make sure to do your due diligence and hire security guards who have received the right trains to complete their job with unrivaled precision.

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